Tactical Athlete Injuries (Police, Fire, Military) Williamsburg, VA

Tactical Athlete Injuries (Police, Fire, Military)

Working with a physical therapist can help first responders and military personnel understand the importance of taking care of themselves. Regular exercise, sleep, stress management, and nutrition all play a role in staying fit on and off duty. Helping them see that they are at high risk for injury, especially jumping into high-stress, high-intensity activity after being sedentary, is the first step.

Our providers can conduct a musculoskeletal evaluation to identify any weaknesses or imbalances, factoring in the unique physical demands of your job. If you’re returning to work after surgery or injury, we will work with you to design a therapeutic exercise program tailored to rehabbing an injury. Our physical therapists can help you prevent injury, improve occupational performance, and optimize your biomechanical and physiological responses. 

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