Parkinson's Program Williamsburg, VA

Parkinson’s Program

Parkinson’s disease may be something you don’t notice suddenly. Early symptoms can be mild. You may feel tired or uneasy. You may notice your hands or other body parts shaking slightly, or find it hard to stand. Your speech might become softer or slurred, or your handwriting looks different or smaller. You may forget a word or a thought and feel depressed or anxious.

Usually, your friends and family may spot the changes before you do. It might be easier for them to notice your tremors, stiff movements, or lack of expression on your face.

As your symptoms grow, you might have trouble with everyday activities. But most people with Parkinson’s can manage the condition, often with medications.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder, which means your symptoms get more serious over time. It can affect your movements as well as things like your vision, sleep, and mental health. A person with Parkinson’s can get different symptoms at different times than someone else with the same condition.

Having these symptoms doesn’t always mean you have Parkinson’s. It could be something else. See your doctor if you notice changes in yourself. If you might have Parkinson’s, working with a movement-disorders specialist could help.

Our physical therapists can evaluate you and help you create a plan of care. Our programs include:
Rock Steady Boxing
Chair Boxing
Group Exercise Workshops