Physical Therapy Provides Relief for Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons to miss work and leisure activities that are important to us. It is a painful and frustrating experience to suffer from unresolved back pain, and at any given time, 31 million Americans report suffering from pain in the lower back.  Simple at-home exercises can help [...]

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What Is Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative medicine that is used to treat disease, injury or deformity.  Our physical therapists work with patients to help them reduce pain, increase flexibility and restore or improve mobility. It is also used to improve the overall health of the patient by prevention, wellness and disease management. Physical therapy [...]

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Welcome to Our New Website!

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Comber Physical Therapy and Fusion Chiropractic welcomes you to our new and improved website! We are delighted to reveal our updated look with you, and we hope you like it! The goal of creating a new website is to better serve our community by clearly defining the conditions we treat and the services we offer. [...]

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Rock Steady Boxing

Comber Physical Therapy and Fusion Chiropractic and Rock Steady Boxing have partnered to bring you to Rock Steady Boxing Williamsburg. This partnership is the first clinically-based program in the state of Virginia.