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Success Stories

You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide, and nothing is more satisfying than hearing from our patients. Please enjoy a few of the many success stories that our patients have shared with us and who’ve allowed us to share them with you!

“I loved it all!” These folks are top notch. I achieved all my goals… I have exercises to keep doing at home to strengthen my muscles. Danielle is fantastic! Brian is always smiling and on top of all the patients. I’m walking, biking and golfing –back to 100% – Michelle
Jeni is AWESOME! She is compassionate and seems to really care about my daughter’s progress. She also seems to be up to date on the current PT research in the problems my child is experiencing. She’s good with kids and has a kind demeanor. My daughter who is normally shy, warmed up to her quickly. In addition, she’s always on time for my daughter’s appointments. We are so happy we found her! – Nicole

“I began therapy with Comber Physical Therapy in Lightfoot, VA several weeks ago and am really pleased with this business. I had read reviews and agree that they’re well deserved. Front desk staff is friendly and helpful. The therapy room is large and light and has the latest in equipment. Staff took their time in evaluating my problems and needs and I’m using the exercises given as well as my scheduled time at Comber to get stronger. I appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the staff in diagnosing an issue I’d been unaware of and making me feel hopeful that I’m going to regain mobility. I recommend them highly.” – Donna

With the onset of Parkinsons, my balance affected my participation in my life long sports of golf and bird hunting. Rock Steady Boxing has given me the desire and ability to restore those pursuits.  I look forward to each and every session with my fellow participants and instructors! ~Perry Stone

“I have only been a patient for about 6 weeks, but because of the high quality care I am receiving, I am already noticing great improvements. I highly recommend Comber Physical Therapy.” ~ Samantha Saghera

“Best Specialist working there! Very friendly and helpful! I would love to go back one day! I visited one that near New Town!” ~ Diana Horsfall

“I was very hesitant to begin physical therapy and actually postponed it as long as I could, which was a mistake! Had I known how amazing all of the staff at Comber was I would have jumped on it from the beginning. It has been a wonderful experience had has improved my well-being immensely!” ~ Amanda McDonald

“Staff is first class – very knowledgeable and committed to patient care and success of therapy. They work very effectively as a team and all members are effective in creating a totally integrated team effort.” ~ Terence Elkins

“I really enjoy working out at Comber. Everyone is very upbeat and positive and that is contagious. In the Rock Steady boxing program Scott really pushes us hard, and its fun as well as rewarding.” ~ Jim Hewitt

“I have been going to Comber PT for months. I started because of pulled muscles in both arms and sciatica pain. At first, I could not lift my right arm. They have worked with me and I am doing very well. No more sciatica pain and arms are much better. Left arm great, right arm almost at 100%. They have a plan specific to each person’s need. Thankful for the attention, friendliness, hard work that I have experienced with them first hand. All of the workers are excellent. They meld well together as a team. They make you feel welcome and consider all your needs. They check on you often and even offer to get you water. They are very observant of what is going on around them. Keep up the excellent work, Comber Team.” ~ Roberta Price

“I come here with my sister she is getting therapy to strengthen her knee and the staff they have in here are excellent from the time we walk in the door an get greeted by name from the front desk until my sister goes to the back and does therapy it’s excellent service the Comber team is awesome if you need therapy, I would highly recommend Comber.” ~ Gemini Standing

“If you need PT go to Comber. I actually enjoy going here because everyone is friendly and professional, which makes PT more enjoyable. The personal attention has helped me a lot.” ~ Songthara Omkar

“When I started treatment about two months ago, I couldn’t imagine the wonderful, healing results I would feel today. My pain is just a pin point area now and my energy is renewed. Such TLC your staff offers is the best! I’m finished with my program today, but I’m so impressed that I’ll continue on my own here, on a monthly basis. Too good to let go, and I know a good thing when I see it. Thank you so much. We truly need you.” ~Ellie Thuermer

“I have been to 3 other places in Williamsburg for therapy for lower back pain, balance control, confidence in doing everyday living, and pain after several falls, and I have found Comber Physical Therapy to be FAR better than my previous experiences.  The therapists and overall therapy far exceed anywhere else in town.  The therapists are trained for excellence in every respect and always apply excellent care and service.  I will recommend Comber to anyone needing therapy.  They also have the latest and best equipment.” ~Dorothy Bell

“I enjoy the friendly and professional environment at Comber. It’s like having my own private health club and personal trainers. I also learned a lot that will help me now and in the future. The exercises and workouts have prepared me to go back to yoga, pilates, and walking. All staff is to be commended.” ~ Lorraine Price

“The ultimate recommendation is “would you recommend this service to a friend?” I already have. This is my first experience with physical therapy. Starting with home services and culminating with Comber Physical Therapy I could not be more pleased with the results. The staff is qualified, professional and very customer focused. They made me feel very welcome at each session. I am sure I would not have made the progress I have made in 5 weeks without their support and assistance. They have exceeded my expectations.” ~ Robert Andersen

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