Post Rehab Program Williamsburg, VA

Post Rehab Program

What is the post rehab program?

The purpose of our post-rehab program is to allow patients to safely continue their rehab, utilizing Comber PT’s equipment in a medically supervised environment. Upon discharge from physical therapy, many patients wish to continue their exercise program to help maintain gains or prevent reoccurrence of injury. They may feel more comfortable continuing in a setting with which they are familiar or may require extra supervision from medical professionals. They may need assistance in setting up an exercise program, or with the self-discipline of maintaining a workout regimen. Our post rehab program can assist you in all of these areas. Your physical therapist will help you set up a program specific to you, which may include strength and flexibility training, balance, cardiovascular training, and functional training. The post-rehab program is a supervised program, which focuses on safely improving your activities of daily life, allowing you to function more efficiently and meet your physical goals!

The cost:

After successful completion of your physical therapy treatment plan, you can join our post-rehab program for the cost of $50 per month.

The details:

For $50 per month, you have unlimited visits to use our clinic facilities. We only ask that you follow the scheduled times below so we can make sure that we can accommodate your needs.

The best times for post rehab visits are:

  • Prior to 9 am, Monday – Friday
  • Between 2 – 4:30 pm , Monday – Friday

For more information, Contact us at 757/229-9740 for the Lightfoot Clinic, and 757/903-4230 for the New Town Clinic.