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Physical Therapy

lower back pain

The goal of physical therapy treatment is to restore physical function and help you get back to doing what you love as quickly and as safely as possible. Physical therapy helps to rehabilitate patients in various stages of life, including:

  • postoperatively
  • after an athletic injury or fall
  • after a work-related injury
  • acute or chronic pain
  • before surgery so that surgery may not be required

Physical therapists are trained to examine patients, evaluate symptoms and determine the ideal treatment plan that will restore your joint function. The first course of therapy aims to reduce your pain and swelling. The physical therapists may use manual therapy, education, heat, cold, ultrasonic therapy and electrical stimulation.

As your swelling decreases and your discomfort is minimized, therapists will prescribe exercises to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance. Most of your exercises will be done at home, and you will progress in strength and flexibility to the point that your normal function is restored and daily activities can be resumed. Reaching your physical therapy goals can help to reduce future injury or chronic joint problems.


Relieving Pain with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a natural way of helping your body recover from back pain. At Comber Physical Therapy, your pain is extensively evaluated by an expert physical therapist who has years of training in medical evaluation of musculoskeletal conditions.

Your treatment plan may include modalities to relieve pain, specialized gentle manual therapy to increase soft tissue and joint mobility, and specific exercises to rebuild your strength.


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