Patient Testimonials

  • I reached remarkable results each visit! The whole staff was attentive, professional and really nice to work with. The results speak for themselves. My pain has decreased, I can stand straight with less pain, and I am more mobile.


  • Danielle has helped me tremendously and it is amazing how physical therapy has positively impacted my entire life.

    B. H.

  • I came to Comber PT to get help with the pain in my shoulder. I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up in pain and had difficulty getting dressed. Everyone was professional and listened to me and my issues of pain. They devised a plan specific to my pain. I am now pain free and want to thank Danny, Bret and Karen McPadden.

    V. M.

  • My goal was to improve my strength and stability in my hip and shoulder. Bret and Danny helped with the new exercises for both.

    N. H.

  • I achieved all my goals! I have improved so much and would definitely recommend Comber PT to others. I can now exercise without any symptoms and they no longer interfere with my daily life.


  • The abdominal massage and one on one w/ the therapist to discuss changes to my lifestyle. My diagnoses and symptoms were addressed and made specifically for me. I learned techniques to lessen the pain during flare ups. I achieved all my goals. Thanks!


  • I was here for back pain and tightness. My pain level is lower with normal activities and I have learned new stretches and self-help techniques. Great atmosphere and interactive staff! 

    B. H.

  • Mike and Christina were welcoming and very helpful at the front desk, the entire staff was excellent! Bret was excellent at taping. My ankles are strengthened and less wobbly. The taping really helped when dancing-Megan Lamar, PTA got so good at this too. I received home exercises to keep my ankle and arches stronger.

    L. V.

  • Dr. Cheryl Jones was very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive in her work. 

    V. B.

  • Danielle is a “miracle worker.” Dry needling was the best! Thanks!

    B. P.

  • Because of nerve issues that required extensive therapy, I was referred to Comber, Discovery Park, for dry needling and Graston. I have had an amazing healing experience there. Dr. Cheryl Jones has been able to get to the root of the problem and her expert procedures and the Graston Technique provided by the therapists have wakened what seemed to be dead nerves and significantly reduced the pain.

    Donna R.

  • I’ve used Comber for physical therapy in the past, my experience was excellent, and I had a speedy recovery. Your people are so friendly and you can tell they love helping people.

    Cathy B.

  • I appreciate that there are different exercises and different therapies used each time I visit, it’s not stagnant – it’s vibrant therapy. It is making a difference and I really appreciate it is not the same exercises I can lead myself. It is muscle stimulation or manipulation and different activities. Excellent therapists and technicians.

    Kari A.

  • The best PT in VA. Also, check out Rock Steady Boxing – a one of a kind boxing class to help folks with Parkinson’s Disease.

    Elliott B.

  • Always on-time, friendly, competent in their knowledge of my disability, and successful at either eliminating my pain or minimizing it.

    Gary C.

  • Comber Physical Therapy has a great staff. I have worked mostly in the last couple of months with Amy and once with Cheryl. Both are great therapists and I recommend them highly.

    Judy & Avery E.

  • Dr. Danielle Young and Ines Medina PTA have made my physical therapy a joy. Everyone at the Lightfoot location from front reception to the assistants are true professionals all while having an excellent rapport with patients. The camaraderie they share with each other as well as their patients is something that actually makes me look forward to going and I will miss when I am someday finished with therapy. I have back (disks) and true sciatica issues. Comber Physical Therapy helped me immensely.

    Joel V.

  • This place is the most helpful place I know! Everyone is so attentive and concerned about your progress! Cheryl has helped tremendously and identified problem areas my doctors have overlooked for years! I’m so grateful and I’m excited about my future recovery.

    Deborah D.

  • I have been going to the Lightfoot office for a while and it’s been a good experience. Danielle is an excellent PT who really cares. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. I would certainly recommend to anyone going there.

    Bittner E.