Karen McPadden

Karen McPadden, MPT

Karen McPadden, MPT brings 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist to Comber Physical Therapy’s New Town. She received her Master of Physical Therapy degree from East Carolina University in 1999. She specializes in neurological diagnoses, alignment and postural correction, chronic progressive diagnosis, aging in place, medical fitness, and the non-athlete population. 

Her favorite part of her job is to personalize the care and assessments that target the patient’s specific neuro-muscular deficits at every treatment to find a program that works best for each patient. Karen integrates her foundations in Physical Therapy, which uses precise exercises to heal the body, with exercise theory from a variety of sources such as Pilates, Yoga, and Thai Medicine. She believes that the body works as a whole, is injured as a whole, and needs to be rehabilitated as a whole.

Karen enjoys exploring all the walking trails in the Williamsburg area with her 2 dogs and going to the farmer’s market on Saturdays.