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Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Comber Physical Therapy is proud to be the first outpatient provider of the LSVT BIG® protocol in the Williamsburg area. LSVT BIG® is an evidence based exercise approach for assisting people with Parkinson’s disease, as they learn how to effectively utilize exercise to improve their quality of life. Our LSVT Global Certified Clinicians are here to provide patients with the education and motivation they will need to succeed. Not only do we offer this specialized physical therapy protocol, but we also provide maintenance programs, behavioral and mental health support and vestibular rehabilitation.

Why Choose Comber Physical Therapy & the BIG Protocol

Many people living with Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders have issues recognizing the appropriate amount of effort it takes to perform normal movements. As the disease progresses, patients will often feel that they are putting forth their normal effort required for walking or other typical movements, when in fact, their movements are smaller than normal.

The BIG protocol is used to improve major motor skills to assist with activities like walking, limb movement and balance. Evidence has shown that this type of exercise training may slow, stop or even reverse the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Accepting New Patients

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Rock Steady Boxing

Comber Physical Therapy and Fusion Chiropractic and Rock Steady Boxing have partnered to bring you to Rock Steady Boxing Williamsburg. This partnership is the first clinically-based program in the state of Virginia.