LSVT ® BIG Treatment Williamsburg, VA

LSVT ® BIG Treatment

What is LSVT® BIG?

LSVT ® BIG is an intensive physical therapy protocol designed for patients living with Parkinson’s disease, but may also be beneficial for other movement disorders. It is based on amplitude training and exercises to assist with sensory recalibration. Sensory recalibration is the process of teaching individuals to accept that what feels “too BIG” is actually within normal limits of movement.

LSVT ® BIG treatment includes:

  • Individual 1 hour sessions
  • 16 sessions
  • Daily homework practice
  • Daily carryover exercises

LVST® BIG treatment:

  • Trains a single target of amplitude
  • Focuses on high-effort practice
  • Teaches the amount of effort required to produce normal movements
  • Translates “bigger” movements in real world, everyday activities.

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