Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Lymphedema is a possible side effect of breast cancer treatment that many women have either never heard of or totally fear. The solution: educated, proactive, risk reduction. Women (and men) who have had breast cancer never develop lymphedema, but it is difficult to predict who will develop it. The more you know about managing your risk, the better off you will be.

The earliest signs of lymphedema are usually felt by you rather than seen or measured, so be in tune with your body. Symptoms such as heavy, tight, achy, or “full” sensation can be indicative of early lymphedema.

At Comber Physical Therapy & Fusion Chiropractic, we have certified physical therapists on staff who specialize in the treatment of lymphedema. If you are suffering from this condition and you are searching for safe and effective treatment methods, contact our office today to schedule an appointment. 

How do we treat lymphedema?

There are a variety of treatments for lymphedema that may be used depending on the severity of the condition. At Comber Physical Therapy, we offer a combination of passive and active therapy treatments, including:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This is a special type of manual therapy used specifically for patients with lymphedema. Through MLD treatments, your physical therapist will provide a gentle, hands-on massage of both the affected body part and adjacent areas. MLD works by moving the lymph fluid from the swollen, blocked region of the lymphatic system into the parts that are still functioning. By doing this, the fluid is able to be transported throughout the circulatory system.
  • Therapeutic exercise. Our highly trained physical therapists will provide you with medically supervised exercise programs that are designed to strengthen muscles and improve the function of the lymphatic system. These exercises are light and gentle, focused on encouraging circulation and regaining mobility to the affected limb.
  • Wrapping. Your physical therapist may suggest bandaging the entire limb in order to encourage the lymph fluid to flow evenly throughout the lymphatic system. These bandages look a lot like Ace bandages, but they are made very differently. They are very effective at helping the body get rid of excess fluid.
  • Compression Garments. Compression garments are similar to wrapping in that it helps to prevent the re-accumulation of lymphatic fluid. Compression garments, such as long sleeves or stockings, can also be worn during the day to maintain the size and shape of the limb.

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If you have lymphedema or other swelling disorders, Comber Physical Therapy & Fusion Chiropractic is here to help. Your treatment plan will be determined upon a thorough physical evaluation, analysis of medical history, and discussion of symptoms in order to determine which therapies will work best for you. Lymphatic therapy in Williamsburg is limited, and our practice is equipped with the best methods and technologies for treating your condition.

If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema or wish to be evaluated to reduce your risk of developing it, contact Comber Physical Therapy & Fusion Chiropractic today to find out how our specialized lymphatic therapy program will help reduce your symptoms and improve your daily life. Don’t live in discomfort – find relief with us!